Discovering Serena - A Mediterranean Oasis in Dubailand Blog

Serena blends Mediterranean grace with modern living in DUBAILAND, a splendid residential property amidst dynamic landscapes.

Dubai Properties’ design offers affordable 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses, promoting community and comfort within the complex.
Serena’s Central Plaza is an architectural wonder that embodies the vibrant spirit of Spanish design.
Serena’s Spanish-inspired Central Plaza offers spacious comfort, tiled roofs, and gathering spaces for residents to play, dine, and shop.

The strategic placement of Serena within DUBAILAND is a big draw.
Residents can easily access surrounding schools, commercial malls, and sports facilities thanks to direct access to Emirates Road, SZR.
Such accessibility minimizes daily travel and enhances residents’ quality of life within the community.

Serena’s diverse amenities reflect its dedication to an unmatched modern living experience, appealing to residents of every age.
From inviting swimming pools to meticulously landscaped spaces, Serena strives to create an environment of comfort and relaxation.
The lively Spanish Plaza, loved by residents and visitors, presents retail, playgrounds, community pools, and leisure spots.

Serena’s distinct allure emanates from its architecture and offers an opportunity for a balanced lifestyle, setting it apart.
Close to schools and nurseries, Serena prioritizes education for residents’ convenience and peace of mind.
For healthcare, clinics and hospitals are within easy reach, ensuring residents’ peace of mind.
Moreover, the community’s remarkable connectivity ensures effortless exploration of nearby areas and landmarks, thus enhancing residents’ social interactions and enriching their experiences.

Beyond residences, it presents a vision of a flourishing, harmonious community, encompassing diverse elements and shared aspirations.
As completion nears, Serena’s allure of tranquil living, captivating design, amenities, and community bonds entices individuals and families.
Serena redefines Dubai’s family living with Spanish elegance, thoughtful amenities, and exceptional connectivity at its heart.

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