Serena - A Haven of Versatile Sub-Communities Blog

Serena, a prestigious residential enclave by Dubai Properties, stands as a monument to the fusion of elegant design and contemporary functionality.
Diving deeper into Serena’s diverse homes, this blog offers a glimpse into captivating living spaces tailored to various interests and lifestyles.

Serena’s properties include an array of meticulously designed villas and townhouses, promising residents an exceptional living experience at every turn.
One of the distinguishing features of Serena’s residences is their unique themed architecture that evokes the spirit of Mediterranean living.
From the moment one steps foot into these properties, a sense of warmth and charm envelops the surroundings.

Serena caters to comfort seekers with 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses boasting spacious layouts and seamless flow between living areas.
These townhouses not only offer functional living spaces but also resonate with the Mediterranean architectural aesthetics that Serena embraces.

The property configurations in Serena are tailored to cater to varying household needs.
From semi-detached houses with 3 bedrooms and a maid’s room to 2-bedroom townhouses and 3-bedroom semi-detached villas,
Serena’s diversity ensures that every resident finds a home that perfectly aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Within Bella Casa and Casa Dora, two of Serena’s sub-communities, four distinct property types cater to varying family sizes and preferences.
Type A units, with 3 bedrooms and a maid’s room, offer spaciousness and comfort.
Type B townhouses feature 3 bedrooms and a maid’s room, presenting an ideal space for growing families. Meanwhile,
Type C units seamlessly combine practicality and luxury, featuring a maid’s room and a generous area ranging from 1,820 sq. ft. to 2,155 sq. ft.
Lastly, Type D units introduce 2-bedroom townhouses with covered areas ranging from 1,427 sq. ft. to 1,877 sq. ft.

Casa Viva, the third phase of Serena’s development, introduces six types of properties that add further diversity to the community’s living options.
From Type A townhouses with 2 bedrooms and a maid’s room to Type F, a 4-bedroom semi-detached townhouse with a maid’s room, each property type showcases the community’s dedication to offering versatile, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.

Beyond the walls of these residences, Serena flourishes as a vibrant community that embraces a holistic lifestyle.
Residents can easily access community centres that provide retail outlets, ATMs, swimming pools, gyms, cafes, and restaurants.
Amongst the three sub-communities in Serena, Bella Casa Dubai emerges as the most popular, reflecting the community’s appeal to discerning residents who value comfort, convenience, and the allure of Mediterranean-inspired living.

As you explore the captivating sub-communities of Serena, you’ll find that luxury, comfort, and community living are woven seamlessly into the fabric of each residence.
Bella Casa, Casa Dora, and Casa Viva are not just places to live; they’re places to thrive, connect, and create lasting memories.

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