Discovering Serena - A Mediterranean Oasis in Dubailand

Serena Community, A Mediterranean Haven for Modern Living

Serena, a visionary project by Dubai Properties, welcomes you to experience the essence of family-centric living within the enchanting embrace of Mediterranean aesthetics. This masterfully designed community harmoniously blends family values with contemporary comfort, offering an idyllic escape from the bustling cityscape.

Serena Community reflects Dubai Properties’ commitment to crafting a grand development that caters to both the community’s needs and the individual property’s unique charm. Offering a range of affordable 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses, Serena invites you to indulge in the serene beauty of its architectural marvels.

Vibrant Central Plaza and Spanish Delight:

At the heart of Serena lies the bustling Central Plaza, a vibrant hub adorned with captivating Spanish-inspired elements. This plaza not only fosters a lively atmosphere but also serves as a gathering space for community members to dine, play, and shop. The interiors are thoughtfully adorned with tiled roofs, intricate detailing, and spacious layouts, ensuring a touch of elegance and comfort reminiscent of Spanish abodes.

Strategically Located Oasis:

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of DUBAILAND, Serena Community enjoys prime connectivity with direct access to major roadways such as Emirates Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Academic City Road. This strategic positioning ensures residents can effortlessly access nearby schools, shopping centres, and sports facilities.

Exquisite Features and Amenities:

Serena offers a haven of comfort and luxury, where no expense is spared in providing residents with a home that exudes unmatched sophistication. Step outside your doorstep into a world of entertainment and leisure, all thoughtfully designed for your convenience. The lively Spanish Plaza stands as a coveted destination, offering a wide array of retail outlets, ATMs, swimming pools, gyms, cafes, and restaurants.

A Glimpse into Our Features:

Discover Your Ideal Home in Serena

Discover Your Ideal Home in Serena

Immerse yourself in the allure of Serena’s Mediterranean-inspired charm, where every corner echo elegance, comfort, and the serenity of nature. With a seamless blend of urban living and natural beauty, Serena presents an unparalleled lifestyle for families seeking an oasis of contemporary luxury.
Bella Casa: A Premier Living Experience
Elevate your lifestyle with the luxurious townhouses and semi-detached villas of Bella Casa, Serena’s inaugural phase. Situated just opposite Mudon, this exquisite development introduces a blend of sophistication and comfort. Immerse yourself in the promise of a comfortable lifestyle that Bella Casa brings to its residents.
Casa Dora: Portuguese-inspired Elegance
The second phase, Casa Dora, embraces the charm of Portuguese architecture. Discover spacious homes ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms, cocooned by expansive green spaces. A hub of convenience, the Central Plaza hosts a plethora of amenities. With direct access to major roads and key areas of the emirate, residents of Casa Dora indulge in a life of comfort and ease.
Casa Viva: Mediterranean Dream Unveiled
Anticipation builds for the unveiling of Casa Viva, the eagerly awaited third phase of Serena’s evolution. Experience the allure of Mediterranean architecture in the meticulously designed 2 and 3-bedroom townhouses. Imbued with a sense of timeless charm, Casa Viva promises to be a desirable haven that harmonizes modernity with Mediterranean allure.